SCL01 12V Illuminated Cigarette Lighter Socket, European Cars SIMPLY - SIMPLY

SCL01 12V Illuminated Cigarette Lighter Socket, European Cars SIMPLY


Illuminated Cigarette Lighter
includes complete housing and wiring

Fitting Instructions:


1. Remove lighter insert from assembly.
2. To remove the green illumination surround, grip the metal socket, squeeze the surround and slide the metal socket from the rear.
3. Remove the bulb holder from the green surround by twisting anti-clockwise.

NOTE: Please retain any radio codes (if applicable) before disconnecting the battery as these may be required to operate the radio on reconnection.


Bulb Connection

1. Always disconnect battery before working on the vehicle’s electrical circuits.
2. Identify a suitable connection point with the dashboard lighting circuit. 
3. Connect the red lead of the bulb holder to the dashboard lighting circuit.
4. Connect the black lead to a suitable earthing point.

Power Connection

1. Identify a suitable electrical circuit for connection that is protected by a 15-20 amp fuse.
2. Make the 12V positive connection to the centre terminal of the metal socket and connect the outer terminal to a suitable earthing point.


1. Replace the bulb holder into the casing on the surround.
2. Locate the green surround, face up in the 27mm dashboard hole, tilting the surround to allow the bulb casing to pass through the hole. 
3. Orientate the surround to ensure the bulb casing is at the top. 
4. Insert the metal socket with the two large slots horizontal. From the rear, grip the socket and rotate clockwise until it locks into position.
5. Re-connect the battery.

PLEASE NOTE: The installation should be checked or performed by a specialist in order to avoid fitting error.  

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