Hammerite Waxoyl Black Aerosol 400ml HMMWAXOYLBLA - Hammerite

Hammerite Waxoyl Black Aerosol 400ml HMMWAXOYLBLA

HMMWAXOYLBLA Waxoyl Black Aerosol 400ml
Hammerite's Waxoyl provides excellent, all-round rustproofing treatment. Its unique formula solves the problem of hidden rust once and for all.

The thick waxy liquid is saturated with a very powerful rust killer and it chases out moisture to form a flexible weatherproof skin that won't crack, dry or wash off in the rain.

The rust-inhibiting molecules in Waxoyl cut through films of oil, grease and dirt in seconds and cling to metal surfaces and unlike chemical inhibitors used in ordinary rustproofers, they stay active indefinitely. If the skin is scratched or punctured Waxoyl creeps back and reseals itself.

Waxoyl is ideal for the inside of doors, behind sills, chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect.

HMMWAXOYLBLA Waxoyl Black has the following specifications:
Pack type: Aerosol
Size: 400ml.
Colour: Black.

RRP: £15.24
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